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Abalone Pearls A Nature Made Miraculous Beauty

Abalone has more than 1OO subspecies all over the world. However, only a few of them are able to produce pearls. Natural abalone pearls have lustrous nacre in vivid, peacock color. The usual pearl cultivation method cannot be applied to abalone, thus abalone pearls are found to be very rare. Its profound beauty is highly valued worldwide.

From ancient times, abalone pearls, a rare, exotic gem tied to power and wealth, have been always loved and owned by royal personages. In Japan, one of the ways of traditional gift wrapping, with paper cords in various colors for a felicity, is named after abalone. Abalone was believed to be a god of prosperity in old times.

The dazzling brightness and amazing mixture of colors of abalone Pearls stands out among all other pearls. Its powerful aura and rarity attract world pearl collectors. We are proud to present to you a new, precious jewellery line of natural abalone pearls created by talented jewellery designers.